“The most popular beauty products of the year so far”

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“Best for renewal, the combination of salt and sugar in this scrub means it both exfoliates and soothes your skin, making for a relaxing massage as you apply it”

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Becki MurrayBecki Murray

“Amazing host and really good information”

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“Light, refreshing and insightful. Just what we need to draw more spotlight on our culture and the people doing amazing things”

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“Finally a lifestyle show I can relate to. Packed full of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.”

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“We’re delving into our cultural heritage without even realising that we’re making it a point of departure.”

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Ayo TafetaThird Culture Africans Guest

Best in class! Amazing doesn’t do justice to this scrub. Works well into the skin without being harsh or abrasive. Leaves the skin smooth and moisturized.

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